Salisbury Saintes Twinning Association
Saintes Salisbury Twinning

Salisbury has been officially twinned with Saintes in South West France since 1990. The Association's mission is to foster cultural, commercial, sporting, educational and social links between the citizens of Salisbury and Saintes.


What do we do?

The SSTA helps to set up links between individuals, families and special-interest groups. Over the years, there have been many exchanges and visits by individuals and groups of all ages from many walks of life, all of which have helped to establish firm friendships and provide a basis for future contacts.

Whether those links happen to focus on singing or on golf, on rugby or on painting, on cycling or on accountancy, there are always opportunities for developing shared interests and improving language skills.

The Association also responds to enquiries, and actively encourages the learning of French especially by young people.

Regular events are held in Salisbury at which new, existing and prospective members are warmly welcomed. Members are kept informed about events by regular newsletters, by email and here on the website.

Join the Salisbury Saintes Twinning Association and we are always happy to put you in touch with twinners in the Charente Maritime who will be delighted to show you round the lovely city of Saintes and extend the hand of friendship.


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