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Cathedral to Cathedral - by bike...

SIXTH-former Inigo Hawkings has set himself a half-term challenge. He plans to cycle from Salisbury’s twin town, Saintes, in south-west France, back to Salisbury to raise money for the new Breast Cancer Unit at Salisbury District Hospital.

He will be doing the trip with his businessman father, Hugo.

“I wanted to thank the hospital for helping my mother five years ago,” said 16-year-old Inigo, “and I wanted to do something that I had not done before.”

His mother, Ness, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the time.

She too is supportive of the undertaking and will be involved all the way through the trip.

Having been at his wife’s side throughout her treatment, Mr Hawkings said: “Although the Stars Appeal fund-raising for the main part of the new unit has been successful, we know that there is still a need for money to purchase a lot of new equipment and facilities, and that is where we are hoping to make a difference.”

He added: “When Ness was having her treatment, I quickly realised how much things could be improved if all the facilities could be in one place, so this new unit will make a huge difference for a lot of people in the future.”

The family, which includes Inigo’s younger brothers Felix (14) and nine-year-old Cosimo, live at Great Durnford, and at the start of half-term, they will all set off by car for Saintes together, plus the two bikes.

With the help of the Salisbury Saintes Twinning Association, they have been assured a warm welcome and hospitality when they arrive.

Father and son will only be overnighting in Saintes before starting their 300-mile cycle trip, but they will be escorted on the first dozen or so miles by members of the Saintes cycle club who rode to Salisbury in June.

They plan to leave St Pierre Cathedral in Saintes early on the Sunday morning, arriving back at Salisbury Cathedral five days later on 30th October.

Before setting off by road, the rest of the family will have time to do a little sightseeing first.

In the meantime, Mr Hawkings and Hugo are building up their fitness and busy recruiting sponsors for their challenge.

To sponsor the Hawkings family in their challenge go to:


*Approximately 4,500 local women, and some men, each year are helped in the existing breast care unit, which has seen a 40% increase in numbers of patients in the past two years.







Ness Hawkings with her husband, Hugo, and son Inigo (16) before they start their cycle challenge in aid of the new Breast Cancer Unit at Salisbury Dis