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A Presentation to Bridget Brennan

Salisbury Twinning’s big thank you to Bridget Brennan

On Thursday 30th September our chairman, Mervyn Pannett, was finally able to perform a duty that should have been performed 18 months ago by Caroline Rippier.  Covid restrictions and Caroline’s untimely death intervened.

At a lunch at the Saveurs d’Abbaye in Saintes Mervyn was at last able to present a painting of Salisbury Cathedral to Bridget Brennan in thanks for her immense contribution to the Salisbury Saintes twinning.  Originally it had been intended that this presentation would take place in Salisbury during the 30th anniversary celebrations of the twinning in 2020.  This event had to be cancelled, along with all other events following the Covid lockdown started that March, and it was pencilled in for a 30+1 anniversary in April 2021.  Sadly, the Covid pandemic had not eased sufficiently and that plan had to be jettisoned.

Therefore, Mervyn took the picture with him when he and his wife went to their holiday home near Saintes.  With great assistance from Gilles Rossi and Maggie Maggs, Président and Adjoint of the Amitiés Saintes Salisbury, a lunch was arranged to which Bridget would be invited but with no knowledge of the reason for the event.  Mervyn was able to make the presentation to Bridget who was both stunned and touched.



For many years Bridget has been a leading light in the twinning of our two cities.  As Président of the Amitiés Saintes Salisbury she, along with Caroline in Salisbury, furthered the scope and reach of the twinning and of understanding between the two communities.  We have a lot to thank Bridget for and wish her well.  Long may her association with Salisbury Saintes twinning continue.